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Tim Timco
President & CEO
38 Years of Industry Experience
Corporate Strategic Leadership Management
Strategic Customer Relationship Management
Overseas Corporate Vision, Effectiveness, and Commercial Objectives
IAAPA Certified Attractions Executive
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Jason Mons
Vice President & COO
23 Years of Management in Production and Fabrication
17 Years of Industry Experience
Oversight of Quality, Engineering, Fabrication, and Safety
Identify and Oversee Launch of Business Processes
Lead Contract Negotiations Team
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Preston Perkes
Executive Director of Administration
Master Planning and Management, Projects and Services
Supply Chain Management
Customer Service and Ride Systems Support
Oversight of Ride Installation and Technical Service
Information Systems Management
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Paul Lattin
Director of Engineering
International Project Design, Production and Delivery
Technical Standards and Practices
Complex Structural Systems Expert
New Technology Development
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Josh Hays
Executive Director of Sales & Marketing
Oversees Global Sales Activities
Manages Company Marketing and Branding Efforts
Strategic Product Development Management
Oversees Account and Customer Relationship Management
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Lars Lenders
European Director of Sales
Strategic Accounts/Customer Relationship Management
30+ Years’ Experience in the Leisure Attraction Business Development
Strategic Team/Alliance Relationship Building
Creative Leisure Experiences Expert
Talent Resourcing Management
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Jaime Maw
Customer Service Manager
Spare Parts Fulfillment Management
Customer Satisfaction and Resolution Management
Customer Liaison
AIMS Coordinator
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Scott Holiday
Technical Service Manager
25 Years of Industry Experience
20 + Years of Technical Ride Service and Ride Installation
Technical Ride Service Management
Ride Maintenance and Troubleshooting Expert
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Dan Tueller
Manager of Project Management
Manager of Project Management Group
18 Years of Industry Experience
7+ Years International Business Management Experience
10+ Years Procurement Manager
Manager of Various Projects from Design through Installation
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John Liehe
Project Manager
Manage Projects from Design Through Installation
13 Years Project Management Experience
3 Years Business Development Experience
1 Year Jobsite Safety Experience
International Business Experience