4th Dimension Coaster

Tower Ride Variations

The Space Shot
As the ride that started it all, the Space Shot is renowned for its unique smoothness during a rapid 4-G vertical launch that drops into a breathtaking negative 1-G descent, making it a pure rush.
The Turbo Drop
The Turbo Drop begins with an impressive ride up. After a brief pause, it blasts downward with a beyond-freefall negative G-force experience.
The Combo Tower
The Combo Tower combines the legendary Space Shot and Turbo Drop into one hair-raising amusement attraction.
The Double Shot Tower
The Double Shot Tower launches through two cycles of positive and negative G-force experiences back to back!
The Rotating Tower
The Rotating Tower adds one revolution at the top of the tower after a Space Shot ascent and before a Turbo Drop descent.


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Two Inversions, One Vertical Sky Dive
One Twisting Front, Flip Two Back Flips
Two Raven Turns, 88.5° Angle of Descent
Fully Adjustable Passenger Restraints Track
Controlled Rotating Seats
High Visibility
State-of-the-Art Technology
Excellent Throughput, High Thrill