4D Free Spin Coaster

a different ride experience every time

Inspired by the 4th Dimension Coaster, the 4D Free Spin utilizes magnetic technology to induce and control spinning. These unique vehicles hold eight passengers seated in pairs, four on each side of the track. The three layers of vertically stacked track feature speed bumps and two beyond vertical raven drops. The 4D Free Spin is the perfect “ride-again” coaster that everybody wants, because depending on the weight, seat position and rider interaction it provides a different ride experience every time! The park can also make easy adjustments to make each experience more or less extreme.

Tower Ride Variations

The Space Shot
The Space Shot is the ride that started it all for S&S. Renowned for its unique smoothness during a rapid 4-G vertical launch and then dropping into a breathtaking negative 1-G descent, the Space Shot is a pure rush.
The Turbo Drop
The Turbo Drop begins with an impressive ride up the tower, and then, after a brief pause, blasts downward with a beyond- freefall negative G-force experience.
The Combo Tower
The Combo Tower combines the legendary Space Shot and Turbo Drop into one hair-raising amusement attraction.
The Double Shot Tower
The Double Shot Tower launches you through two cycles of positive and negative “G” experiences – back to back!
The Rotating Tower
The Rotating Tower has a new addition of one revolution at the top of the tower after space shot up before turbo dropping you downward.


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Proven Technology
Very Small Footprint
Great Capacity
Six-Element or Ten-Element Layout Options
Exciting Ride Experience