Photo Credit: Tim Baldwin

Ride Rehabilitation, Reconditioning, and Train Replacement


Keep your Arrow or S&S rides operating and looking great for years to come. Our facility has recently been expanded to accommodate large projects and rehabs. Our experienced team is available to assist you at your park to help you tear down your ride for rebuild or you can elect to have your ride sent to our state of the art facility located in Utah, USA, where our team will complete annual maintenance for you. Our full-service facility and staff are ready for dismantling, sandblasting/cleaning, thorough dimensional and weld inspection, painting, assembly, and commissioning.

We offer full train replacements, full-service refurbishment, new fiberglass bodies, upgraded custom theming, vehicle upgrades, fresh paint, updates on electrical systems, restraint modifications, and new parts to extend the life of your ride. Whatever your need, big or small, we are here to help.

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