S&S to Open Double Towers and Launch Coaster for Sun Tzu Cultural Park

January 19, 2018
&S Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will open 12-Seat Double Towers and an Air Launch Coaster for the Sun Tzu Cultural theme park.

Sun Tzu Cultural Park in Guangrao county of Shandong province is the first and largest military cultural theme park in China. Sun Tzu Cultural Park is designed to promote Sun-Tzu culture and create a related cultural tourism destination. It now has become an important base to inherit and carry forward Sun-Tzu culture. The park is filled with military cultural exhibition buildings and over thirty rides, ranging from gentle and suitable for children to outrageous rides for those looking for exhilarating moments.

S&S Worldwide, Inc., the largest U.S. ride manufacturer, has now installed over 450 of their products in 30 countries around the world. Gerald Ryan, Executive Director of Sales from S&S commented, “S&S is excited be installing two new attractions at the Sun Tzu Cultural Park this coming year. The Air Launch Coaster will be our 4th Air Launch Coaster to be installed in China and will have the longest track length of the four at 930 meters long.”

The new Air Launch Coaster at Sun Tzu Cultural Park is to be named “Lightning Speed’, and will be the tallest launch coaster in East China. Both the Towers and the Launch Coaster are to open in the Summer of 2018.