Stan Checketts Passing

January 4, 2022
It is with sadness and heavy hearts that S&S-SanseiTechnologies (S&S) joins the family of Stan Checketts in mourning the loss of our company’s founder.

Stan Checketts passed away on Sunday, January 2, 2022, following a life well lived as an entrepreneur and thrill seeker.

Stan’s passion for high-thrill amusement rides led to the founding of S&S in 1994, bringing his air-launched vertical tower rides to the amusement industry. Stan’s energy and zest for life were unquenchable, and his positive energy inspired the creation of roller coasters and amusement rides that are still bringing excitement to millions of people around the world.

S&S expresses our deepest condolences to Stan’s family, and we are also sorrowful for the loss of Stan’s creative leadership in the amusement industry.


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