The Evolution of a Classic

November 15, 2017
S&S Worldwide, Inc. to Bring Back the Steeplechase Coaster

S&S Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce the return of a classic Arrow Dynamics ride, the Steeplechase Coaster.  Although the very first Steeplechase Coaster appeared at Steeplechase Park in New York in 1896, the Arrow remake of the Steeplechase Coaster first debuted as a cycle themed ride in 1976 at Knott’s Berry Farm.  The second Steeplechase Coaster opened just a year later as a horse themed ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the U.K. and is still in operation 40 years later, and is as popular today as the day that it opened.

S&S Worldwide, Inc. purchased Arrow Dynamics in 2002 and coaster enthusiasts have long inquired as to if S&S would ever revive the classic Arrow brand and bring back some of the vintage Arrow coasters.  Depending on the response from parks, the Steeplechase Coaster is the first of what could be the rebirth of the Arrow Dynamics product line.

Director of Sales, Pete Barto said, “The market is ready for the return of classic family rides, ones that bring an entire family together to have fun and one that provokes memories of times long gone in this fast-paced digital world.”  Staying true to the original ride experience was paramount to the re-launch of Steeplechase, but updating the restraint system to today’s standards and designing it in a way that would allow the most guests to enjoy the ride safely was critical.

Having an opportunity to review the original design plans and then see the ride in operation at Blackpool Pleasure Beach proved helpful.  Using today’s technology, many modifications and updates were made to the new Steeplechase Coaster design to provide a smooth and reliable ride for all guests.  With a 42” (1.1m) minimum rider height, the relaunch of the Steeplechase will allow many more guests to enjoy than the original ride.  Other enhancements to the new Steeplechase Coaster include a Mobius loop layout with a station bypass to allow for increased load/unload times while not impacting hourly capacity, multiple vehicle theming options, and some patent-pending changes to the lift system.

President and CEO of S&S Worldwide, Inc., Tim Timco, said “The Steeplechase Coaster is really about the evolution of a classic.  There is not another ride on the market that can match the benefits and wide appeal to a park that this ride can offer.  We are confident it will be a hit!”

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