Steeplechase Coaster

A Family Classic

Steep in tradition since 1897, S&S is proud to bring back this classic Arrow ride with numerous updates to enhance the ride experience and guest appeal. An updated lap bar restraint replaces the original seatbelt allowing for a minimum rider height of 42” (1.1 m). Recycling a dual chain lift by incorporating a mobius loop design and station bypass allows riders to experience both rails, extends ride time (and load/unload), and boosts capacity without having to add additional block brakes or extra track making it a cost effective option on flat or hilly terrain while still allowing guests that point of interaction at the midpoint of the ride like the original Arrow design. This great gravity fed ride, maintenance and operationally friendly ride is sure to have your guests racing to your park (and the finish line) to enjoy this family classic. Available in numerous theming options as well!

Tower Ride Variations

The Space Shot
As the ride that started it all, the Space Shot is renowned for its unique smoothness during a rapid 4-G vertical launch that drops into a breathtaking negative 1-G descent, making it a pure rush.
The Turbo Drop
The Turbo Drop begins with an impressive ride up. After a brief pause, it blasts downward with a beyond-freefall negative G-force experience.
The Combo Tower
The Combo Tower combines the legendary Space Shot and Turbo Drop into one hair-raising amusement attraction.
The Double Shot Tower
The Double Shot Tower launches through two cycles of positive and negative G-force experiences back to back!
The Rotating Tower
The Rotating Tower adds one revolution at the top of the tower after a Space Shot ascent and before a Turbo Drop descent.


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Arrow Legacy Ride
New Design and Restraints
42” minimum rider height
Lower Center of Gravity for a Smoother Ride